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General Terms and Conditions

The "Terms and Conditions" used here are applicable to all my photographs without exception.
By commissioning me to undertake any photographic assignment, you are agreeing to my full "Terms and Conditions" as set out on this site.
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1) All photographs are copyrighted to Peter Goulding.

2) Commissions for commercial and advertising photography will be treated as if the client or the agency working on behalf of the client, had paid for a "Licence to Use" the images for one year, included in the original photography charges, from the date of the original photography for use in the UK only and specifically as set out for the initial use of the photography as commissioned and outlined in the invoice raised, once this invoice for the said photography has been paid in full.

3) Any photograph used by the client or the agency on behalf of the client which is used for any other purpose other than that which is stipulated in the original invoice as set out above, will be treated as misuse of the "Terms and Conditions" of the original photography and will be pursued through the legal system for compensation and copyright fees in accordance with AOP BUR fees.

4) Additional licences can be purchased for an extension of the original year licence for use, in one month, three months, six months or one year periods and in UK only, European, USA or Worldwide areas.

5) Photographs in this website may not be copied in any way and used without prior consent of Peter Goulding and the client/agency.