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Copyright Licence

Under licence, or Licence to Use means that you have the images for their mutually agreed / intended use – not for commercial gain.
By commissioning me to undertake any photographic assignment, you are agreeing to my full "Terms and Conditions" as set out on this site.
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Many clients still want to obtain copyright from the photographer for a variety of reasons, the main ones being a lack of "Copyright" understanding.

The difference between owning the copyright and having the images under licence is how the images may be used. Under UK Law, it is the photographer who will own the copyright of any images he/she has taken and it is illegal to use an image without a granted licence or rights. When images are supplied under licence it means that the photographer retains the copyright but licences the client to use the images for a specific use/time period/geographical location.

In such cases, the "Licence to Use" will be specified "All Media: print and digital" under "Media Use", the "Territory" will be "UK only" and the "Time Period" will be for "1 year" from the date of the photography. Copyright will remain with Peter Goulding.

The "Licence to Use" will be exclusive to the Agency/Client and will cover all uses of the photography in relation to the product named in the licence.

Peter Goulding and feleven photography retain the right to use any photographs for marketing purposes.

A "Licence to Use" is still subject to the general "Terms and Conditions" and therefore does not permit use in relation to another product or sub-licensing, for example to a photo library, a subsidiary business, or one in another country. Neither can it be sold on as an asset of the company if the client goes into liquidation – at this point the licence would revert back to the copyright owner.