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How much?

Pricing for any type of photography varies so much because by and large, the next job isn't anything like the one before.
The mark of a professional photographer is to create repeatedly consistent quality results which are able to match any previous similar image produced, time after time.
Good images don’t just happen, they happen because they are intended to happen.
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I will gladly quote for photography for advertising, commerce, industry and the service sector, of people or concepts not yet fully visualised.
This will include all my the time spent on the photography itself and any post production time to the preparation of the initial contact jpeg sheets.
All other costs, such as preparatory work, food stylists, models, accommodation and travel expenses will be charged extra.

Scale of fees for professional photography.

Photography charges are based on the time spent undertaking photography on location or within a studio, on an hourly rate. Normally these fall into one of four price bands, A - D. The hourly rate is also the “Basic Usage Rate” when calculating any additional licence fee per image over and above the specified use at the time of booking. All images supplied have a one year UK "Licence to Use" included. Multiple usage rates are available on request.
See my “Copyright Licence” page.

Band A covers “Press & PR for magazine or editorial features” £60 per hour/image
Band B covers “Corporate” £80 per hour/image
Band C covers “Advertising below the line, fashion, food & drink” £100 per hour/image
Band D covers “Advertising above the line” £200 per hour/image

Initial images will be supplied colour balanced and saved as a set of jpegs contact sheets, from which the client can then select any required image, or images, as per the original quotation, in whatever file format is required.

Travel time is not included in these charges and will be added at £60 per hour, irrespective of the photography band rate. Travel costs are based on standard rail return charges or 35p per mile. Any image retouching is charged extra and will be quoted on a job by job basis if required. A discretionary charge of £150 per day will be made for consultation, where photography is not eventually commissioned.

By commissioning me to undertake any photographic assignment, you are agreeing to my full "Terms and Conditions" as set out on this site.